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 Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates and Paul Allen :

Microsoft, a multinational company engaged in computer technologies, is the largest software manufacturer in the world starting in  2016, where it is engaged in the development and manufacture of software for computer hardware.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen were the founders of this company, which was established on April 4, 1975, before becoming a public and publicly traded company.

It’s one of the top five U.S. IT companies, along with Google, Amazon, Apple, and Meta.

Microsoft Beginnings:

The company began its work in marketing Basic processors and was famous for  its  quality and the rest of the companies raced to provide the market with Basic processors compatible with Microsoft’s Basic processor. The company dominated the market of Basic processors  and both Bill Gates and Paul Allan registered the brand «Microsoft» on November 26, 1976

It should be noted that one of the most important reasons for the speed of the company’s dominance of the software world is the boom in the spread of the personal computer in the eighties of the twentieth century.

Company Dominance:

Microsoft was involved in the field of operating systems in 1980 with its own Unix version called Xenex. But it was MS-Dos that cemented the company’s dominance.


After failed attempts with digital research, IBM entered into an agreement with Microsoft in November 1980 to support the version of computer control operating systems that was to be used in IBM’s own computers. For this transaction, Microsoft purchased an operating system clone called Dos-86 from Seattle for computer products; describing it as M-S Dos, which IBM  changed  its brand to BCDOS.

Following the release of IBM’s personal devices in August 1981, Microsoft retained ownership of M-S Doss. Since the copyright of IBM; Pius Personal Devices

Microsoft has finally become the leading supplier for the sale of operating systems for personal devices. The company expanded and opened up new markets with the release of the company’s mouse in 1983; in addition to the publication divided under the name of Microsoft Press.

Windows & Office :

The company announced  the release of its version of OS2 for an original equipment maker on April 2, 1987. Meanwhile, the company was working on OS 32 bytes and Windows NT using its idea of OS 2.

It was shipped on July 21, 1993, with a new modular kernel and a 32-bit API (Windows API), making it easier to port from Windows 16-bit (MS-DC-based). Microsoft reported to IBM about Windows NT, thus deteriorating the partnership with OS/2.

In 1990, Microsoft introduced an Office suite that combined separate applications such as Word and Excel.

On May 22, Microsoft launched Windows 3.0, which features simplified user interface graphics and protected-mode capability of the Intel 386 processor, and both Office and Windows have become dominant in their own regions.

Microsoft has urged many OEMs to implement licenses for each processor, so that the original manufacturer of the device pays Microsoft a fee for each computer it sells that has a certain microprocessor, whether the computer manufacturer sells it with a Microsoft operating system or a non-company operating system.

The company is known for its ability to innovate and deliver the best technologies and solutions based on customer needs and research and development. After Microsoft’s success in PC applications, known to technologists as the “Windows Revolution,” Microsoft began to expand the use of the personal computer to add new dimensions of efficiency to these technologies through its famous strategy «Dot Net».

Microsoft has launched the   technical work «Microsoft .net» and Visual and represents the actual beginning of the company’s vision in building websites based on the language (XML).

The dotnet  strategy is a comprehensive technical service that transforms computer programs into a flexible and efficient service that provides different business sectors with the necessary technologies to maintain their competitiveness in the markets in the era of digital technologies.

Other companies such as Borland, WordPerfect, Noville, IBM and Lottis, being much slower to adapt to the new situation, gave Microsoft a chance to dominate the market.

Evolution of operating systems:

 Microsoft released the Windows 95 operating system on August 24, 1995, which features preventive multitasking, an all-new user interface with a new start button, and 32-bit compatibility; similar to Windows NT.

Windows 95 introduced a Windows API bundled with MSN online service.

Internet Explorer was not bundled with Windows 95 retail boxes, because the boxes were printed before the team finished the web browser, and instead it was included in the Windows 95 Plus package. Backed by a high-profile marketing campaign and what the New York Times described as the most fascinating, craziest and most expensive introduction to a computer product in industry history, Windows 95 quickly became a success..

 Microsoft has also created Windows CE 1.0, a new operating system designed for devices with low memory and other limitations, such as personal digital assistants.

On January 13, 2000, Bill Gates handed over the position of CEO to Steve Palmer, while creating a new position for himself as Chief Software Engineer.

In October 1999, several companies including Microsoft formed a Trusted Computing Platform Alliance to increase security and protect intellectual property by identifying changes in hardware and software.

On October 25, 2001, Microsoft released the Windows XP operating system, to standardize the main fonts and Windows NT fonts of the operating system within the NT database.

 The company released the Xbox later that year and entered the market for video game consoles that were dominated by Sony and Nintendo.

In November 2005, the company’s second video game console, known as the Xbox 360, was released. There were two versions, a basic version for $299.99 and a luxury version for $399.99.

The next version of Windows Vista was introduced in January 2007, which focused on features, security, and a redesigned user interface called Windows Ero. Microsoft Office 2007, which was released at the same time, features a user interface «Stripe» that was different from its predecessors.

Gates retired from his position as Chief Software Engineer on June 27, 2008 , while retaining other company-related positions as well as being a consultant to the company on major projects.

On October 27, 2008 with the advent of Microsoft Services platform Wages, the company entered the cloud computing market with the Windows operating system.

Smartphone industry : In the late first decade of the twenty-first century, Microsoft worked to provide a modern operating system for smartphones to keep up with its competitors, but it was incapacitated by Google-sponsored Apple and Android in the United States.

In 2010, it revamped its old mobile operating system, Windows Mobile, and replaced it with the new Windows Phone operating system that was released in October 2010.

Open Networks:

Microsoft is one of the founding members of the Open Networks Foundation, which began its activity on March 23, 2011. Her co-founders were Google, Hewlett-Packard and Yahoo! Verizon Telecom, Deutsche Telecom and 17 other companies.

 This nonprofit organization focuses on providing support for a cloud computing initiative called software-defined networks. The initiative aims to accelerate innovation through simple software changes in communication networks, wireless networks, data centers and other network areas.

Microsoft Serves was unveiled on June 18, becoming the first computer in the company’s history to make all its devices by Microsoft.

On June 25, Microsoft paid US$1.2 billion to buy the social media network orders. On July 31, they launched the webmail service to compete with Gmail. On September 4, 2012, Microsoft released Windows Server 2012.

Xbox One console, shown with console and Connect. The company released it in 2013.

In July 2012, Microsoft sold its 50% stake in MSNBC, which it had run as a joint venture with NBC since 1996. On October 1, Microsoft announced its intention to launch a news operation, as part of MSN with a new look, with Windows 8 later this month.

In August 2012, the New York City Police Department announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop an area awareness system used to monitor the police in New York City.


On February 4, 2014, Steve Palmer stepped down as CEO of Microsoft and was succeeded by Satya Nadala, who previously led Microsoft’s “Cloud and Enterprise” division. On the same day, John W. Thompson took over as chairman of the board, replacing Bill Gates, who continued to participate as technical advisor. Thompson became the second president in Microsoft’s history.

On January 21, 2015, the company announced the launch of its first interactive whiteboard, Microsoft Service Hub. On July 29, 2015, Windows 10 was launched,

In September 2016, Windows Server 2016 was released.

On January 24, 2017, the company showcased  through Mobile Device Management (Inton Education) a cloud-based application and device management service for the education sector.

In January 2018, the company optimized the Windows 10 operating system for CPU issues related to the MiltDown security breach. The patch led to problems with Microsoft Wages virtual machines that rely on Intel’s CPU architecture.

In August 2018, Toyota Tsusho began partnering with Microsoft to create fish farming tools using Microsoft’s Agro application suite for IoT technologies related to water management.

In November 2018, Microsoft agreed to provide the U.S. Army with 100,000 headphones from Microsoft Hollons in order to increase lethality by enhancing the ability to detect, decide, and engage the enemy.

February 20, 2019 The company said it will introduce its cybersecurity account guard service to 12 new markets in Europe including Germany, France and Spain, to fill security gaps and protect political customers from hacking. In February 2019, hundreds of Microsoft employees protested that the company benefited from the war from a $480 million contract to develop virtual reality glasses for the U.S. military.  

2020 to present:

Acquisitions, Box Series X/S

On March 26, 2020, Microsoft announced that it had acquired the confirmed networks for $1.35 billion.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft has closed all of its retail stores indefinitely due to health concerns.

On July 22, 2020, Microsoft announced its intentions to shut down its Mixer service, and to move existing partners to Facebook games.

On July 31, 2020, it was learned that Microsoft was in talks to acquire TikTok after the Trump administration ordered ByteDance to strip ownership of the app to the United States. On August 3, 2020, after speculation about this deal, Donald Trump stated that Microsoft could buy the app, but it should be completed by September 15, 2020 and that the US Treasury Department should get a portion of it.

On August 5, 2020, Microsoft halted testing of cloud game streaming for iOS devices. According to Microsoft, the future of cloud gaming on iOS is still unclear and is likely to be out of Microsoft’s hands. Apple has also imposed strict restrictions on “remote desktop clients” meaning that it only allows apps to connect to a user-owned host device or game console.

On September 21, 2020, Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Zinnie Max Media for about $7.5 billion, with the deal expected to be concluded in the second half of fiscal year 2021.

On September 22, 2020, Microsoft announced that it had an exclusive license to use Open AI’s AI language creator GPT-3. The previous version of the JBT-3, called JPT-2, made headlines for being a “very dangerous version” and has many capabilities, including designing websites, prescribing medications, answering questions and writing articles.

On November 10, 2020, Microsoft released the Xbox Series X and Series S video game consoles.

Products :

Microsoft’s best selling is the Microsoft Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office office software package. Another of its electronic products is the MSN search engine, which has been updated to be multilingual and its new name is Bing, which Microsoft pays great attention to in light of the strong competition in the search engine market, Google search engine and Yahoo search engine! As well as the search engine  All The Web (currently affiliated with Yahoo) are considered one of the most powerful search engines, especially the Google search engine, which has gained great popularity in recent years until it ascended to the throne of search engines.

On May 28, 2009, the new search engine Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Palmer who will replace MSN.

Microsoft’s activity is not limited to Windows, Basic or MS-DOS, but the company has also developed a package of programs such as databases, text editors, and other areas, and Microsoft has even developed and marketed computer games as a flight simulation program.

Smart cloud products include:

  • Azure
  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • GitHub
  • Visual Studio


Bill Gates (1975-2000)

Steve Palmer (2000-2014)

Satya Nadala (2014-present)

Some products:

  • Microsoft Windows Phone ,
  • Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • One Note
  • InfoPath
  • Vigiwal Studio
  • Expression
  • Exchange Server
  • Serves
  • Security Signals
  • Friendsoft Express
  • Squall Server
  • Xbox


The company’s headquarters, informally known as the Microsoft Redmond campus, is located at 1 Microsoft Street in Redmond, Washington, and the company plans to expand its campus in Mountain View, California, on a large scale,  and Microsoft operates a headquarters on the East Coast in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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