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LinkedIn :

It is, like other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, suffers from a range of fake accounts whose owners are looking to hack user accounts.

The platform uses digital technology along with a team of experts to remove content that violates its policy

In seven months, more than 21 million fake accounts were discovered and removed from the platform, CNBC reported.

Fake accounts:

According to company data, 95.3 percent of those fake accounts were automatically compromised upon registration. In the same period, fake accounts seized increased by 28 percent compared to the previous six-month period last year.

Cyber Security :

Cybersecurity experts point out that there are several steps that platform users can follow to protect their accounts.

While Microsoft-owned  professional social platform has rolled out new features in recent months to help users determine if the account they are asking to contact is real or fake.

Mike Clifton :

Mike Clifton

Digital expert Mike Clifton explains that fake LinkedIn account owners are trying to increase engagement on posts that lead to suspicious websites, according to the CNBC report.

According to the report, recruiters who rely on LinkedIn to search for employees will be annoying because of fake accounts.

Platform Data:

LinkedIn data indicates that it currently has more than 875 million members.

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