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When was it released: Late November

Number of users :

More than two million users  have since been used by some media outlets, and some media outlets have described it as the best of its kind ever.

Interaction with users:

Many users have been asking questions on the automated program, taking screenshots of some of the answers it gives and posting them on social media – sometimes to express their admiration or disappointment at other times.

1– So what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a robot or software powered by artificial intelligence.

2- What are its capabilities and limitations?

Dialogues with the user and answers questions asked in detail.

3- How can I benefit from it?

It keeps everything that has been put to it andallows the user to correct it if he makes a mistake, and apologizes for those errors .

4- And why did he raise the fears of some?

He remembers all the questions asked him before during a dialogue that is as if between two people.

Companies supporting ChatGPT:

1- ChatGPT technology developed by artificial intelligence research firm  OpenAI   in San Francisco.

2- Microsoft Corporation and technology mogul Elon Musk.

How ChatGPT works:

 The company trained the model using vast amounts of information available on the Internet and other public sources, including human-to-human dialogues, so that it could produce human-like text by learning algorithms that analyze a huge number of data and work like the human brain.

The most important features of the chatbot:

1-  Explain complex concepts in simple words.

2-Producing content from A to Z without direct quotation from other sources

Note :

The robot is not connected to the Internet, although it has been fed with data available on it.

Uses of GPT:

Includes  many many flexible fields

1- From explaining complex scientific concepts to writing codes (numeric codes) used in programming

2- To write new articles, poems and stories in any style you imagine, and to make jokes about any topic you specify for him.

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