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ChatGPT has entered the world


It is a new application based on artificial intelligence techniques, and has a tremendous ability to predict the next words in the sentence, which the speaker wants to enter, unlike many other features, based on the analysis of large amounts of Internet texts.


  • ChatGPT has entered the world of technological warfare strongly, as it has become a strong competitor to the search engine giant Google.


  • The number of users of Chat GPT reached more than one million people within just days of the launch of the program
  • as a number of specialists stated that this new application can cause inactivity for students, according to “Sky News Arabia.”

Control :

  • Although the world is anticipating artificial intelligence and robotics, this technology only refuses to impose itself strongly on humans.

Concern about AI domination:

  • The world has lived in a state of great concern about the control of robots and artificial intelligence over the world.
  • the continuous rapid development, and after the control of images created through artificial intelligence and metavirus on all social media
  • today a new technology has entered the competition arena, which is the ChatGPT application.

Start of Chat GPT:

  • Two million users within days of the launch of Chat GPT.
  • A parallel world has just opened up, so how does AI reach this extraordinary ability to write texts so logically in answers and narratives?

Techniques Chat GPT :

  • answer all questions in various fields, accomplishes the required tasks quickly and executes programming commands,
  • as it is able to write a complete script and dialogues for novels and other elements based on literary narrative.

What is Chat GPT?

  • It is a chatbot created using GPT3 technology, by the open artificial intelligence company
  • which specializes in artificial intelligence research, developed in a way that closely resembles the language of humans.


  • GPT Chat is considered the most popular artificial intelligence model for language processing on the Internet.
  • ChatGPT is designed to talk to users in detail, answer their questions in detail, and even remember all the questions asked to him previously, so that the dialogue looks like it is between two people.
  • Allows users to correct errors, and apologizes for them.
  • Everyone feels that he is a normal person who understands their speech and responds to the conversations of their minds and psychology, so they described him as super-intelligent.

Chat GPT poses a threat to Google’s dominance:

  • The GPT Chat robot is equipped with huge amounts of information available on the Internet
  • what distinguishes it most is its superior ability to deal with all types of users, providing answers that suit them, even in cases of no Internet connection.
  • A company executive told The Times that GPT could push people to abandon Google’s search engines.
  • which rely heavily on advertising and e-commerce revenue.

Steps to use the GPT chat robot on the official website:

  • Once you enter the official GPT website, click on the GPT Chat Workout on the home page,
  • The registration procedure and creating a new account appears by clicking on Register for the first time.
  • With these simple steps, users get to start using ChatGPT by chatting with the AI bot with anything you can think of.

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