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Metaverse: Will Virtual Reality Become Our Workplace in the Future?

Metaverse, when we look back to the present day, the two-dimensional Internet we use will probably seem laughably obsolete.

Virtual Reality:

We probably won’t use the Internet through a screen, but our interaction with it is likely to be very different than it is at the moment.

AR, VR  Technology :

We’ll control things with augmented virtual reality (AR), explore virtual reality (VR) worlds, and mix what’s real and digital in ways we can’t currently imagine.

But what impact does this have on the work environment?

 We have already begun to move away from the traditional working hours that start at nine in the morning and end at five in the evening, and we have begun to turn our backs on traditional office workspaces.

The idea of the virtual world:

 Thanks to two years of COVID lockdowns, and our new fondness for virtual meetings – or at least our acceptance of them.

Working within the metaverse:

So, would the next logical step be to work inside Metaverse, the virtual world that is currently being planned, in which our virtual twins will represent us in three dimensions that resemble cartoon characters, walking, talking, and interacting with each other.

Companies accept the nascent idea:

We have already seen companies opening branches on Metaverse platforms nascent of the… These companies include:

1-Horizon Worlds, a subsidiary of Meta Corporation

2-Roblox and Fortnite

3-Newly created spaces such as Sandbox and  Decentraland.

The term “metaverse ” :

The term “metaverse” was coined by Neil Stevenson some 30 years ago. In his book “Snow Crash”, the protagonist finds a better life in the virtual world.

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