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Sony, better known as Miniature, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Conan, Minato, Tokyo. The company operates as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic products and is Japan’s largest media conglomerate by revenue.

Founder of the company

The founder of Sony, the Japanese engineer and physicist  Akio Morita  from Tokonama, Japan, studied Morita at Osaka University, Japan, and specialized in physical engineering, and after graduating he worked as an officer in the Japanese Navy during World War II, and during his tenure in the Japanese Navy within the war research committee team, he met his friend Masaru Ibuka, who was his main partner and the first to establish the Japanese company Sony.

Development and expansion:

The company has developed and expanded its products and marketed them globally, where it was able to own a group of international brands and companies, and the company’s profits in 2016 amounted to approximately 6.7 billion US dollars.

 1-Columbia Pictures Entertainment

2- CBS Record Group

3-  Gaikai  Company


 The Japanese company Sony is one of the most important components of the Japanese economy, and Japan is one of the most important and oldest countries in the electronics industry and its development in its various departments, from thefirst countries that began to develop technological and electronic systems globally.


The company relied on manufacturing electronic devices in various fields

1- The field of audio and audiology:

company began developing audio devices in 1979, by inventing the first audio phone that year called Walkman.

2- Computing and Computer Field:

The company began to develop its products in the world of computers and computers in 1996 with the manufacture of  VAIO computers, which were branded Sony, and in 2011 the company began to develop tablet computers, in addition to the Sony Xperia phone, which is one of its most important products, running the Android system.

3- Photography Field:

The company has provided and developed a group of digital cameras of high quality and efficiency, and the most important of these cameras is the “Sony Single-Lens Digital Camera” that works with the  Alpha Cyber Shot  system, which was first manufactured in 1996 AD, and is one of the most famous international cameras that are manufactured so far.

4- Video Field:

In1968, the company produced the first color TV in the world, and it was called  Trinitron, then the company developed in the manufacture of a different series of screens such as BRAVIA  screens, which is an abbreviation for Best Audio Visual Integrated Architecture, and Sony is still one of the most important and best companies in the world of LCD screen manufacturing.

 5- Toy industry:

company began manufacturing and developing electronic gaming devices in the late eighties, after the terrible collapse of early pioneers such as Atari, which drew attention to the possibility of a new competitor with financing capacity and superior technological expertise, and Sony did not miss this opportunity and created a new division called Sony Computer Entertainment in 1993 to exploit this appropriate market, and its PlayStation has been a resounding success since then until this moment.

Mobile Telecom :

Sony Mobile Communications Company was established in 2001, and it is a consortium of two companies, the first is Sony Mobile Phones, and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, which specializes in the manufacture of mobile phones, and the products of this union were called Sony Ericsson

Optical Storage Technology :

In  early 1986, Sony designed a single-write optical disc, and in 1988 they launched magnetic optical discs with a size of approximately 125 MB, which was designed to store files and archival data.

The most important Sony products:

1-  Xperia 5 IV, Xperia PRO-I

2-  Alpha 1 full-frame camera

3- Xperia PRO for videographers and producers

4- Small drone Sony Airpeak  

5- Wireless In-Ear Headphones WF-SP800N

6- PS5 PlayStation 5  , PlayStation 5 controller as DualSense

7- Sony WH-CH710N Wireless Headset  with Noise Cancelling

8 electric car named Sony Vision-S in one of the biggest surprise announcements…

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