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5 in1 USB c hub, Type-c multiport Adapter

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5 in1 USB c hub, Type-c multiport Adapter with Gigabit Ethernet, 3 prots USB 3.0 hub for Data, 100W Power Delivery, USB c hub for MacBook pro, and Other USB C Devices : Electronics

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delivery between 2024/06/27 - 2024/06/30

5 in 1 USB-C Hub: Extends a laptop’s USB-C into 5 ports (3-port USB 3. 0 data hub, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 1-port Power Delivery charging port,) can be in use simultaneously USB C to Gigabit Ethernet : USB C docking station supports RJ45 1000M Ethernet Port, backwards compatible with 100Mbps/10Mbps RJ45 LAN. Gigabit Ethernet port ensures a more stable and faster wired network connection Fast Power Delivery Charging: 100W power delivery charging port allows you to charge your computer, MacBook Pro or other Type-C devices while transferring data,If you want to work with chromecast with Google TV ,please connect with a power supply more than 45w to make sure it has enough power. Transfer in Seconds: 3 USB 3.0 ports sync data at blazing speeds up to 5Gbps, up to 10x faster than USB 2.0,also backwards compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. Every port supports Hot Plug. We offer 1-year warranty and a lifelong best technical support, nice customer service answering e-mails within 24 hours (working day)

16 reviews for 5 in1 USB c hub, Type-c multiport Adapter

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  1. Does what it promises. Good quality.

  2. This allows me to hook up wired Xbox 360 controllers, ethernet and a thumb drive to my Chromecast, making it the ultimate cloud/retro gaming device. Way cheaper than the other options too.

  3. Some hubs require a much larger input charger/adapter than when attached to the device than the original device required, because we’re powering an ethernet chip and some usb-a ports.Some of those REALLY require a lot of power, and get rather warm.This one works with the chromecast with google tv’s original power adapter (but if you have any weird problems like reboots or other issues, go bigger), but also with a 45m monoprice GaN flat power adapter and a chromebooks 65w adapter. Those are all reasonably efficient power plugs, so if a 45w doesn’t work for you, try a more efficient one. The more efficient ones use “GaN” technology, and cost a little bit more but the extra few dollars will get paid back in higher quality power to the devices plugged into it, but it’ll save a bit on the electric bill.Warm, but not hot, gigabit ethernet came right up for the chrome devices I attached it to, and the USB 3 ports also work well.Adapters with an HDMI port are where these devices seem to get into trouble. Either with power draw, excessive heat, or specs that the device simply doesn’t meet. Like “4K/60!!1!” but the dock gets up to 150 degrees and requires a handful of additional bits of support in the device to actually use that resolution.By not having that, this device avoids all of those issues. And you won’t be disappointed when your 60 dollar dock only does 1080 or 4k/30.Doesn’t help someone who wants to use an external monitor with a device, but if you don’t have that need, as with the chromecast with google tv, you aren’t paying for it in a more expensive dock, a much larger power brick to power it all, and questionable specs.For devices you want to add a hard wired ethernet, some storage and perhaps a few extra wireless keyboard/mouse dongles will do well with this device.I’ll be trying this with my pixel phone, a few more chrome devices (but generally, if one works they all will), and a PC when I have a chance. If anything doesn’t work with it, I’ll update the review.If it dies early or I experience problems, which I have with a handful of other docks, I’ll also report back.Smooth experience though. It arrived from Amazon at 10pm, I had it hooked up by 10:15 and was watching some streaming stuff through a wired connection by 10:30.And yes, the chromecast DOES feel a lot snappier when its wired vs wifi. And while I don’t have a storage problem, its nice to know that I won’t.

  4. This will plug into your chromecast w/ google tv, firestick and all other sticks that have usb-c. You can buy a micro usb-usb c adapter. You can then plug in all your flash drives, external hhd, ssd. Buy a strong usb-c charge block to power this because it will also power you streaming device and external hdd & ssd without making your steaming device power off! and you will have an entertainment powerhouse!

  5. Plugged into my Chromebook right out of the box and ran simultaneously: an Ethernet cable, USB Microphone, USB 3.0 Flash Drive & the Chromebook power cord. Worked flawlessly, no issues. Didn’t even get all that warm charging my Chromebook. Totally happy.

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