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Good news from Google

Atool that helps you diagnose skin diseases

New feature :

Google announced a new feature in the image recognition tool “Google Lens” that helps the user describe the different conditions that appear in the skin, and reach the closest initial diagnosis to it.

How Google Lens works:

When something strange and unknown appears in the skin, the “Google Lens” camera can be used to photograph the situation

  • Take the photo
  • The tool analyzes the image
  • Search for similar images online
  • Show it to the user to select the most appropriate image and the one closest to the situation
  • Provided with information from articles published on the Internet.

Get an initial estimate before seeing a doctor:

Good news from Google ,The Lens tool can also identify other parts of the body, so it can be used to describe the problems that the user is experiencing with his body, and to obtain an initial assessment of the condition before heading to the doctor.

The speed of access to the type of disease:

Google knows that many people use the traditional search engine to search for symptoms and diseases using written search terms, but this feature would make the search process and obtaining results faster and more clear.

Comparing the search between the lens and the search terms:

  • Google Lens is a tool designed by Google to provide search results by visual analysis of images
  • It is similar to the Google search engine, but instead of typing search phrases
  • It is possible to use the smartphone camera or any image to obtain the information that the user wants.

DermAssist application:

  • Good news from Google ,Two years ago, Google announced a health application called DermAssist
  • which is an application that specializes in diagnosing skin diseases based on artificial intelligence
  • The application has been approved by the European Union, while it has not yet been licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Application is still under testing and development.

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