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Mregb Power Bank,Solar Charger

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Mregb Power Bank,Solar Charger,36800mAh 5V3.1A QC 3.0 Dual 2 USB Port Built-in Powerful Flashlight IPX7(Deep Black) Cell Phones & Accessories

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Mregb Power Bank

Brand Mregb
Battery Capacity 36800 Milliamp Hours
Color Deep Black
Special Feature Flashlight,Fast Charger,Fast Charging,Portable Charger,Waterproof,Over Charging Protection,Short Circuit Protection

About this item

Mregb Power Bank

  • Solar Charger: Solar power bank can recharge through by the outlet or the sunlight. It normally takes solar charging feature as an emergency purpose, rather than the main power source. The small panel size, large capacity and uncontrollable sunlight intensity, it is difficult to produce high intensity power from the sunlight resource.It is recommended to use a charger above 5V2A to charge the power bank in daily life.
  • The solar charger comes with a high-precision compass: Own comes with a portable compass, a handy tool for outdoor activities, like camping, cycling, fishing, traveling, hiking and beaches.
  • The Solar Portable Charger Compatible with most devices:Built-in 2 USB Outputs with 5V/3.1A fast charge, support QC 3.0 protocol. Able to fully charge the device quickly. It allows charger 3 Devices at the same time.Built-in smart transformer chip, compatible with most devices on the market such as iphone, ipad, Samsung, HTC, LG and other Android phones.As long as there is a suitable cable, it can also charge other devices such as watches, headsets, GPS, Gopro Camera,etc.
  • This Portable Solar Charger built-in LED Lamp on the bottom and has Hook on the corner.The Flashlight is great choice for Camping,Hiking,Climbing,Fishing and Etc.With the Carabiner, it can be hang from the Gear like Backpack. Long pressing the power button for 3-4 seconds,flashlight turn on, long pressing again, flashlight turn off.
  • High Capacity Portable Solar Power Charger: Built-in 36800mAh high capacity Lithium battery equipped with a high performance solar panel, anti-explosion, lightweight and reliable. Long lifespan with more than 1800 recharging times. which could recharge the battery itself under sunlight, eco-friendly and ideal for outdoor use.Made of durable and resistant ABS+PC Material which protect it from rain, dirt and shock.


Product Dimensions

5.5 x 3 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight

10.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Connectivity technologies


Special features

Flashlight,Fast Charger,Fast Charging,Portable Charger,Waterproof,Over Charging Protection,Short Circuit Protection

Other display features



Deep Black


Dongguan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

60 reviews for Mregb Power Bank,Solar Charger

Based on 60 reviews
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  1. 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Not the best.

    My iPad had about 20% left so I used one of these to charge it. It don’t even fully charge the iPad before the charger died. I have other ones that will charge my iPad and iPhone a few times before the charger needs to be charged again.Highly disappointed in these.

  2. 3.0 out of 5 stars

    It is a 10,000 mAh class product, not 36,800 as claimed. Still good price, though

    It is claimed to be 36,800 mAh but can only charge my phone about twice and does not offer QC support. That said, for the price, it is a good value. I just cannot give it five stars even though they offered me a gift card to give them a 5 star review. I will not do that, it is dishonest and wrong. It also makes me have less respect for this seller, too. Between the inaccurate capacity claim, the lack of QC as claimed, and the effort to get me to provide a positive review I am not impressed. However, if you think a 10,000 mAh power bank is worth what they are charging, this one is an excellent buy as long as you are clear that it is not QuickCharge compatible. Most comparable 10K units are a few bucks more, and the construction of this unit certainly is decent.I hope it goes without saying that the tiny solar panel cannot effectively charge the unit in anything under several days of direct sun. I did not expect it to be useful so do not care, but be aware of this for any such device.

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  3. 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Actual mAh far less. Output less than 3.1 Amp in description

    Bottom line: The product description on Amazon states 36800 mAh. When I tested it. my meter’s measurement was less than 6000 mAh based on tested number times 1.35 for a 5V output. This method was based on the test device instruction; the actual number on the test device is even less; see the photos – tested twice. Note: the tester is not self-powered so it needs a power source to display the last readings hence USB cable in photos.The product description on Amazon also states 5V@3.1Amps. When tested, my tester measured about 5V@ about 2.1Amps. I say “about” because these numbers fluctuated slightly over the course of the battery discharging and the number never reached 5V when discharging at 2.1 or slightly more Amps; it was typically around 4.8V. NOTE: The spec sheet that came with the product states 5V@2.1Amp NOT 3.1 Amp like the product description on Amazon states. Their own spec sheet disagrees with what they are advertising.Lastly, notice the product weight. This item is basically a battery or batteries in a plastic shell with some electronics to control input and output, how can this product weigh so much less than others in the same mAh range? The only way I can think is if they had some super high tech batteries that were better than the competition but based on the measurements from the test device that does not appear to be the case.All that said, I bought this hoping it would be close to my old cell which weighs a half pound more and was advertised at 25000 mAh. I bring it backpacking and can have it fail or run out of power but I wanted one that was lighter and equivalent in output. I’m currently testing my old power bank so I can set a baseline for how much actual output I need. It is at 9000 mAh on the tester and only 2 of 4 lights (half) are out so if this rate of discharge holds, it will likely be close to its advertised mAh rating. Still doesn’t help me with the weight and I now have to return the new one that is grossly misrepresented if my tester is correct.

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  4. 4.0 out of 5 stars

    A must have when traveling out the country!!

    I purchased this for my trip to Nigeria for my husband. We love this! The only thing I didn’t like was how big it is compared to another one I purchased but for the amount of power and the solar charging it’s great! I put it in my carry on and used it over the plane charging stations. Was great for my layover in other countries as they have different charging ports.

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  5. 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great emergency power bank!

    We live in an area prone to intense storms all year long. With power outages being somewhat common we wanted something reliable for a couple of lights, but also we wanted the same thing for camping. This fit the bill for both of our needs.It’s small and can easily fit in the back pocket of a pair of pants or just toss it in the backpack and roll on. Love the fact that you can also simply leave it inside in a window for easy charging or on the dash of a vehicle. The worst time to need a charge is when you have no power to charge it. Solar back up charging is just so convenient but when we need a quick charge to get moving, being able to plug it in the wall overnight is just fantastic.This won’t be the last one of these I buy. (Get the orange one too, very bright and easy to find when your kids run off with it….ask me how I know…).Ps. The flashlight is also great. Just push and hold the power button down on the side and it will light up the world. Great product!

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